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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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news tonight. handcuffed, police lead this man into custody accused of of opening fire on his former boss in montgomery county. then caught just a few blocks away from a southwest philadelphia school. good evenin evening, i'm chs o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. let's start with fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose live in abington township where this all started. sabina? >> reporter: that's right, dawn. in fact police remain on the scene here continuing their investigation. employees have just gun leaving after speaking with police and as you can imagine, they are very very shaken up. workers we spoke with tell us they didn't know the alleged gunman personally but they are happy that their boss is going to be okay. here's the victim scene here in a facebook photo friends and colleagues id him as 45-year-old alexander keegan he's the co owner of montco suburban taxi company. police say it was around 1:30 this afternoon when a disgruntled employee confronted him over a dispute about money.
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witnesses say the argument began outside here at the cab company headquarters along the 2700 block of mount caramel avenue. his business partner says, he saw the heated exchange and tried to help. but he says the vick tom told him he can handle it. but instead, the confrontation moved inside where police say the cab driver allegedly opened fire on keegan, shooting him in the chest before taking off. he was taken into custody soon after. police spent afternoon speaking with witnesses. we spoke with a cab driver who reported to work this afternoon only to see police tape and ambulances around her workplace. >> alex is going to be okay. that's the good part. >> what did you think it was rolled up? >> all of this. all of this. i saw all of this. i was in shock like really. like wow, like what is going on? >> we friends, we partners.
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we are always talking nice to each other. summertime he has a pool. we always together. >> reporter: and fortunately keegan is expected to be okay. we're told he is awake and talking and surrounded by family at abington hospital. chris and dawn? >> sabina, thanks. after that shooting, police followed the man into southwest philadelphia. skyfox over the scene as police took that man into custody. our bruce gordon is at 72nd and woodland where they arrested that man. bruce, pick it up from there. >> reporter: i will do that, chris. the alleged shooter's car that's the blue dodge in the background there remains at the intersection of 72nd and wood land at this hour under the watchful eyes of philadelphia police. they await abington authorities to come and tow this car away. philadelphia police intercepted the shooting suspect after learning he would be on his way from the glenside crime scene to pick up his child at a montgomery sorey school on the
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2200 block of island avenue. they surrounded his blue dodge avenger at 72nd and woodland but the suspect behind the wheel and a woman in the passenger seat. >> stopped by the officers. he apply z -- comes to a stop here at the intersection. the officers investigate the male and bring him into custody without incident. >> he's got a gun with him in the front seat. >> a gun he has in his waistband when the officers take him out of the car. >> the arrest went down in front of several women standing outside a corner store. >> a little nervous to see that stuff happening. >> i was paranoid. scared. you don't know what's going to happen, you know. >> reporter: it happened right in front of you. >> yes. >> with the shooting suspect in custody at southwest detectives, philly police are praising the delaware valley intelligence center. it's the important information sharing operation that got abington's inn physical to philly cops on the street in a matter of minutes. >> it's a great tool that we have here today to show how
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quickly information can be shared amongst people and law enforcement agencies in the region to come to successful conclusion like this where no one else is injured and abington will continue the investigation. >> reporter: good news, that suspected shooter apprehended without further violence, again, the victim in this shooting alexander keegan is expected to be okay. dawn? >> all right. that's good news. thank you, bruce. on to your fox 29 weather authority. get ready for temperatures to take a dive. live look tonight from reading after a day in the 60s we can hit the 30s this weekend. meteorologist dave warren here. dave, we're talking about temperatures at the freezing mark? >> at or below the freezing mark. that's why the watch is issued from the national weather service. freeze watch for the surrounding suburbs and this is tomorrow night. so sunday morning and monday morning is when this watch is in effect. not tomorrow morning. lows around 30 or colder. not along the i-95 corridor. this is upper montgomery, upper bucks all of chester county and
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through burlington county little farther away from that i-95 corridor. not including camden, gloucester or salem counties there. so we'll get this closely it will be happening tomorrow nig night. watch means conditions are likely likely that watch will become a warning tomorrow. now the temperature will drop down below 32. that can kill crops and outdoor plants so bring them inside or cover them. warmer weather will return went will not see freezing temperatures in the morning this coming week. you can extend that growing season. 50s and 60s now. it's dropping into the 40s overnight tonight. that cold air continues to come in from the northwest. it's another front leading to a colder weekend that wind will start to pick up and that is the indication that the cold air is moving in. a few showers popped up in central pennsylvania but they fallen apart as they move to the south and east maybe just a sprinkle across the poconos or possibly the lehigh valley in about the neck hour. after that, things dry out and get a little colder. 43 in lehigh valley. 48 in center city. vick down the shore it's mild
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there. nice change in colors happening now. get out enjoy it this weekend. grab the coat before you step outside. coming up these freezing temperatures. look at the eagles forecast and 70s in the seven day. i'll show when you coming up. >> see in you a bit, dave. before the freeze hits peak sure you download our fox 29 weather app. a live look from pennsylvania landing to night. beautiful evening and you can get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone you'll fine it in the apple and google play stores. suv crashes into a building but what happened before the crash has people talking tonig tonight. police say the man driving that vehicle abducted three people from two different locations. fox 29's karen hepp spoke to one of the victims. >> i'm bruised like literally, bruised literally my toe is fractured like bruises all on my back. bruised. hurt. >> reporter: physically and emotionally battered but a keen in a thompson is very lucky to
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be alive. surviving this wreck and an ex-boyfriend police say determine to get her. the only thing that stopped him was this wall when they slammed into it. >> i was about to die. i was about to really lose my life. >> reporter: she was involved with a very dangerous man. 44-year-old jermaine grant. the terror all started early this morning police say when he kidnapped her mother and brother from this southwest philadelphia home in order to find her and then demanded they drive to where she was hiding here at her sister's house in brewer row town. a sister very determined to protect her. >> sister lives at that particular address goes into her house. she has permit to carry and has a gun. she comes out with that gun to try to stop the actions and he fires at her mull pell times and she returns fire. at that point everybody scatters. he's able to grab the 25-year-old. >> reporter: holding her at gun point on his lap, he races away. police say he loses control and crashes. >> first the air bag came out. then something came down from
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the sun visor and it got real smokey i couldn't find the the lock to unlock the door. i tumbled out and hit my head. >> suspect was stuck and injured so police caught him trapped in the vehicle. now he's facing numerous charg charges. >> that was karen hepp reporti reporting. new video just released of the men police believe are behind two robberies on the campus of temple university. the two were captured on surveillance video near the first robbery and carjacking of a temple football player around 1:00 in the morning at tenth and susquehanna. a few hours later another student was held up right outside the liacouras center on north 15th street. if you know who these men are, call police. fraud trial for the son of congressman chaka fat at a getting underway this morning. he's accused of bilking hundreds of thousands of dollars from several banks. the irs and the school district of philadelphia. the 33-year-old is representing himself in court.
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he says the charges are politically motivated because of his father. chaka fattah, sr., is facing federal racketeering and corruption charges of his own. u.s. airways flight 1939 numbered after the year the cogan took off this morning from philadelphia bound for charlotte. it's the very last philly departure for u.s. airways flight. fox 29 was there as passengers boarded this morning at philadelphia international airport. the final flight went to charlotte on to phoenix then landing in san francisco. starting at midnight tonight, all departing flights will fly under the american airlines banner. delaware confirming its first flu case for the 2015-2016 flu season. the case involved a 26-year-old new castle county man. now there are two main types of you flew went is a viruses types a and b they routinely spread in people and our responsible for seasonal flu outbreaks each ye year. delaware's first case is an influenza a strain.
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eight homes in one day all renovated by students and volunteers working to rebuild philadelphia. the program called rebuilding together philadelphia it now helps lo low-income families fip their homes. between one and 300 volunteers came out today to help renovate the homes located in the eastern section of north philadelphia. the student coming from philadelphia technical high schools are getting hands on experience while helping people in need. caught on surveillance camera breaking into a local cvs but he doesn't go after cash or prescription drugs. the surprise item he was looking to swipe. rescued at just four months. this pup was in bad shape. but the student who found her wasn't about to give up. now rosy is beating the odds. the one thing she needs now. >> the mets, dodgers game was intent until the final out. we take look back on the game and preview a matchup no one could have predicted in the beginning of the year.
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♪ >> take a look at this. police say this surveillance video shows a man entering a cvs in east germantown through the back door. what's he after, cash, prescription drugs? no diapers. it happened just after midnight on saturday. police say the guy took a box of diapers and a couple of individual packs. in all worth about 50 buck. if you know anything give police call. the entire men's cross country team for rider university is suspended tonight for what the school calls hazi hazing. university police say they responded to the track last month and found the teen preparing to run naked. the school says that behavior is considered unacceptable and considered hazing. a severely disable portuguese water dog puppy is beating the odds. this little girl was in bad shape. treated at the university of pennsylvania veterinary hospital she's received top notch care and she's made significant
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improvements. but as fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson tells us this fluff ball will soon need a home an very special one at that ♪ >> reporter:. >> come on. >> rosy a four month old puppy that came into the university of pennsylvania veterinary hospital. she appeared to be severely disable. wouldn't walk -- >> she can't support herself at all. >> her owner couldn't take care of and it appeared likely sheet she'd be put down. >> the original owners surrendered her to dr. gavin's care. >> caitlyn is a vet student and after tests indicated that rosy had an under developed cerebellum in her brain she took rosy home has been working with her for last several week as she makes incredible progress. >> when i first got her she was not able to hold her head up or even just sit like a normal dog. now, however, it's been about a
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month and even in about a week i noticed she was able to start taking steps on her own. standing on her own. now she's able to cross my living room on her own and back. >> reporter: i got to spend time with rosy today she's a playful and happy dog and the vets tell me she's not in any pain. she just needs a full-time loving home that can help support her as she continues to develop. >> rosy needs a home with someone that, um, will have the patience to take care of her and, you know, support what she needs and basically at this point she just needs someone who will be able to help her walk. >> caitlyn and the rest of the folks at u penn hope that somebody sees rosy and realizes that this happy puppy in the right environment can continue to develop and be someone's best friend and possible um spur laying. >> she keeps trying every time she falls she stands up right again. >> reporter: rosy needs a lot of attention but they don't anticipate significant financial burden. she just needs love and
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patience. we'll make sure we put all the information up on our facebook page if there's a family out there that's looking for a new best friend. >> oh, my goodness, bill, she is adorable. >> she is. >> all right. thank you. right back to your fox 29 weather authority now. dave warren in. dave, looks like fall is on its way. >> fall is on its way, and i won't say it's wint like. certainly below average we can see that first 32-degree temperature that will happen this weekend in the suburbs. not happening tonight. 60s and 50s now. 48 degrees in mount pocono. north a lot colder. this is where the cold air is coming from that cold northwest wind developing. 40s now. we should be able to climb above 50 but not touch 60 both saturday and sunday once that win picks up a few showers developed but they will die down now that we're losing that sunshine. holding together just enough we can see a light sprinkle here across the lehigh valley especially mount pocono. that pick up by the computer
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forecast perfectly right over mount pocono as expected it will clear it out overnight tonight. maybe just a few clouds around tomorrow morning. but that wind picks up behind this second front that comes through. this came through earlier dropped our temperatures a bit. this second one arrives tomorr tomorrow. that wind will pick up. and despite sunshine, we're getting that cold wind. so we have a battle shaping up here. we're right about 50. the sunshine will try pull that temperature up. close to 60. may not touch it because that wind continues to gust. that will keep the temperature going a little colder. so right now 50 but you lose that sunshine at night, that is when we see the cold temperatures there. right overnight. so as soon as that sun goes down, 6:19 temperatures drop and you could wake up to a freeze. below freezing saturday night to early sunday. these numbers going hour by hour and it's the hours between about midnight and 9:00 a.m. where we can see that temperature down below freezing. could easily see that here across central new jersey. think she's numbers are a little
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too warm with a clear and very little wind out there. they can often not quite see h howit's going here with this computer forecast we can see freezing temperatures in central new jersey. definitely in the north and western suburb. not really the case along i-95 although we can see some frost developing. maybe a few rain showers sunday. popping up like they are today in the north and western suburb there's snow in western new yo york. now drops quickly during the eagles game here for monday night. but this is where the change happens. down into the 40s. not the 30s. because warmer weather comes back. talked about 70s earlier and there they are. in the seven day forecast. by tuesday and wednesday it warms up nicely. lows in the 50's, highs in the 70s call it for two days. it does get cooler neck weekend. >> something to look forward to. >> thanks dave. >> also looking forward to monday night. big division at match up the birds. >> prime time game for the tie of the division. >> that's huge.
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>> eagles are zero-two in the division so far this season. division loss which is actually kill your play off hopes. the guys talk about the importance of a win on monday next in sports. ññ
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♪ good news for the eagles. o'dell beckham, jr. did not practice today for the giants.
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if he does play it will be game time decision. even if he is in the game, he won't be full strength. another lucky lucky break for the eagles because clearly they can't guard elite wide receivers julio jones, so far and so on. randall their second wide out since victor cruz did practice today but he doesn't look a hundred per sente eat. eagles are preparing to face a banked up giants team. it's a perfect time to catch them. after all the crying and disappointment so far with this team this season, they have a chance to tie the division lead on monday. that's the big picture outlook but that's not what the team is actually looking at. >> there's zero thought put into it, and having a lead for the division right now, i don't think that that matters too much at this point in the season. i think the bigger thing we haven't won division game yet and this is a giants opponent we're two-three and this would
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be a big win for. >> check out gary cobb, dave spadaro, howard eskin and myself on sunday we preview monday's big divisional matchup. we give you our predictions and keys to eagles victory. that night look back at all the action on the day on sports sunday at 10:30. nlds last night mets/dodgers jacob, couldn't ask for a better scene, better moment. only one real team has won in game five the new york mets was the one. they got it done on the back of daniel murphy. in the sixth inning he broke a tie with a solo homer to right. making it three-two all the live left dodgers stadium at that point. the players looked devastated. murphy accounted for all the runs. he went three for 42 rbi's, two runs scored. the mets win three-two. they'll face the cubs in the nlcs tomorrow night and improbable matchup we started at
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the beginning of the season. alcs starts tonight right here on fox 8:00 o'clock. pre-game coverage starts at 7:30. blue jays and the royals face off in kansas city and of course after the game we bring you all those highlights and all of those former phillies struck out, flied out and couldn't get anything done against the mets. i know we wanted the mets to lose as phillies fans but we're glad that you don't leave us in the win. >> always that way. >> always that way. i brought my winter coat, dave. tonight. >> you'll need it to night but especially this weekend that cold air is can youing in. maybe a few showers that's the cooler air coming in. the seven day forecast shows that we have very cold temperatures both sunday morning and monday morning. lows are into the 30s. but 70s come back. >> that does it for here at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here tonight after the game. have a great night.
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>> mudageddon. >> are we stuck? >> yeah, we're stuck. >> the high school cheerleader trapped in a nightmare. >> we're stuck. then the lamar odom brothel madam speaks. what she says he said to her. >> he was sad about his marriage ending. >> and wait until you see what we found in his refrigerator. and attention shoppers. cover your ears. >> what is going on at target right now? >> moans and growns over the loud speaker. >> i was shocked and angered. >> plus, bizarro actor randy quaid. what happened after he was let out of jail. >> is there a prison movie shooting or something? >> then, trapped in an


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